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Residue Reviews
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How Sociopathic Are You? Take This Quiz! Horror Reviews. Item Reviewed Residue. Author Michael Klug. Synopsis A private investigator reads a book of sinister origins and unknowingly puts his daughter and himself in a fight for their lives Release Date July 18th, Writer Rusty Nixon.

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Director Rusty Nixon. Our Rating. User Rating. Rate Here.

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I think people could be confused if they did not know this was a pilot and a 2nd season with 10 planned episodes is in the works with Netflix at the helm. Highly recommend!

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You'll recognize both the leads from Game of Thrones, and they do a good job in their respective roles. The characters feel a bit underdeveloped, and I'd hoped they'd at least compensate on the plot end of things But alas, by the end of the movie you're really none the wiser as to why the catastrophe took place to begin with.

It felt like they sorta ripped off that movie "Pulse" and other "ghost possession" movies out there. This whole movie is exquisitely shot and edited, and these are the reasons I give this movie a 6. If I was to base my opinion purely on strength of the plot, it would be considerably lower..

I will say that I am not the type of movie-goer who has to be spoon-fed a plot and can't read subtext I understand the film was ambiguous intentionally, but I just didn't feel much satisfaction leaving this movie with more questions than answers. So, it's worth a look if your into arty paranormal stuff, but don't expect to get any type of resolution or explanation for the events in the film.

Theo Robertson 7 April When you've been watching a lot of prestigious award winners and Hollywood commercial blockbusters as I have then you need to change the record slightly and throw yourself in to a guilty pleasure.


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A sort of conspiracy thriller come horror movie. I'll say one thing for it - it's definitely guilty. I'll say something else - it's not a pleasure An explosion kills people at a nightclub in London and the area is evacuated.

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Four weeks later murders and bizarre suicides start happening on the periphery of the area. Is there a connection? Reading this synopsis it does sound rather like a pulpy James Herbert pulpy trashy horror tale. No one involved with RESIDUE is kidding themselves they're going to winning an Oscar but there is a potential of a good seed there somewhere but instead of growing in to a mighty tree it ends up shrivelled in fungi and quickly dies To be fair to director Alex Garcia Lopez some shots are very well framed for what is very obviously a film constrained by a very small budget.

However he doesn't do anything else well at all. Everything is overdone with constant creepy music drowning out the soundtrack. It's a horror film? Yes Alex we noticed and can you spend more time developing the story instead of the constant and non stop reminder of the genre we are watching? What drags the film down is the dire screenplay by John Harrison.

We can forgive the ridiculous idea that the government have kept a chemical weapons dump in the heart of London if it's just used to set up the story but many things wrong with the story are unforgivable. The dialogue is always on the nose , unnatural sounding especially when voice over is used and quite frankly just bloody awful.

Considering the actors weren't very good to start with their job is made impossible with the tools they're given and I doubt if Anthony Hopkins , Ian Holm or Daniel Day Lewis couldn't have given much of a performance with the lines they have to spout here Some people on this page have mentioned RESIDUE isn't in fact a stand alone feature length movie but a pilot for a much longer project.

What an appalling movie. Terrible acting, script, effects, plot. From the appalling stilted acting to the exaggerated Scottish accent of the so-called gang leader to the idiot tout strolling around with a haversack on his back and a leather pilot's helmet on his head, it was like watching a badly made you tube clip. I have seen better all round from my local amateur drama group. This movie is so bad I had to watch it just to see if there was any redeeming features about it. No such luck. Films like this make the best argument there is for censorship.

Opinion de Residue miniserie

Thank the Gods for fast forward, it saved me an hour less wasted. I really must control my masochistic tendencies. I give it a rating of 1 simply because I can't give a 0. There were a couple of moments when I thought; hey now the story is starting. Brief sparks, then there was stuff that went on. It's like the writer had a paragraph for this film and then bloated the rest out with fluff.